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DURHAM, N.H. - A person looking in from the outside, it might seem like Minnesota coach Brad Frost has a ritual or some kind of superstition he follows at the Women`s Frozen Four. Scott Hicks (Oxford, Ohio), head coach of the Miami University women`s ice hockey team, and Shelley Looney (Buffalo, N.Y.), a two-time member of the U.S. Olympic women`s ice hockey team (1998, gold; 2002, silver), will serve as assistant coaches.. The United States will field a women`s ice hockey team in the Winter World University Games for the third straight time.The International Ice Hockey Federation encourages its members to promote the game of ice hockey to women and girls. International play and several North American professional leagues, including the NHL (in the regular season), now use an overtime period identical to that from 99-00 - 03-04 followed by a penalty shootout If the score remains tied after an extra overtime period, the subsequent shootout consists of three players from each team taking penalty shots.Founded in 1999, the Women`s Ice Hockey team competes in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA- D1).  There is also the question of what smaller colleges will do. Four years ago, I thought that the increasing cost of big-time college sports would cause smaller schools to reconsider the role of football, an expensive sport to put on. I thought they might decide to de-emphasize sports, perhaps forming a subset of Division I that did not view itself as in competition with the Power 5 conferences.It`s 8 a.m. on a cold Monday morning in Boston when Hilary Knight opens the door of her apartment to welcome in a production crew consisting of a makeup artist, two producers, an audio guy, a couple video guys and a photographer for a full day of shooting. This century has already seen both the best and worst of times for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Robust television revenues for football and men`s basketball, a new football playoff system and seven-figure compensation packages for college coaches — Nick Saban , Urban Meyer , Mike Krzyzewski and John Calipari — attest to the popularity and financial vitality of the college game.There is A LOT to be proud of if you are a CSU RAM fan or player this season.  As several lawsuits involving various aspects of NCAA control play out, it seems unlikely that the future landscape of big-time intercollegiate athletics will resemble the current incarnation that transfers massive resources from young, poorly represented minorities to the paychecks of coaches and athletic directors who are paid well above what they likely would make if the athletes were compensated reasonably for their services as players.
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On Wednesday, the N.C.A.A. was quick to emphasize the financial implications of the decision: We frequently hear from student-athletes, across all sports, that they participate to enhance their overall college experience and for the love of their sport, not to be paid.” This statement is almost obscene in its feigned naïveté, as if major college sports were still just some intramural frolic on the green after dinner.This week`s decision joins a legal conversation that includes several other cases—including an antitrust suit originally filed by the former U.C.L.A. basketball player Ed `Bannon over the rights of players to be paid for the use of their likeness, and, more recently, a case filed by the labor lawyer Jeffrey Kessler which argues that scholarships unfairly suppress player compensation.Consider basic participation: in the 1930s and 1940s, Northern teams typically benched their African-American players in order to participate in profitable Southern bowl games—Boston College twice benched Lou Montgomery to play in the Cotton and Sugar Bowls—while in the 1960s and 1970s, Southern teams integrated their football squads because failing to do so was competitive (and financial) suicide.In 2011, the National College Players Association, a college athlete advocacy group, and Drexel University professor Ellen Staurowsky published a study estimating that if FBS football and basketball players received the same percentage of industry revenues as their professional counterparts, the average football player would be worth $121,048 per season, and that the average basketball player would be worth $265,027.The NCAA has said many times that student-athletes are students first, so now it`s time for them to prove it or shut up. Making the football stipend based on some academic stipend is a good way to do it since it will improve the quality of graduate education as well as giving student athletes enough money to support themselves and their families back at home.